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Level Up! Resume & Cover Letter Course BETA


The Level Up! Resume and Cover Letter Course is a fully remote, self-paced course designed to teach you the skills needed to create a winning resume and cover letter in the video game industry. The formula I teach here is the exact formula that I successfully used to grow my career and help others break into the games industry, written out in an easy to follow step-by-step process. Here’s the six-step process: - Identify: pick your target role and shift your mindset into that of a professional dev - Collect: gather your your strongest skills and experiences together in cohesive groups - Write: create strong descriptions for each of your experiences and projects - Edit: transform your projects and experiences into concise and cohesive bullets - Format: develop a resume and cover letter that every recruiter will love - Present: finish the last 2% of the process and polish your work! What's included? • Six modules outlining my six-step process, with a video of me walking you through each section. • Eight projects designed to build your resume & cover letter. • Comprehensive worksheets and templates with an easy-to-follow process. • A private discord community to chat with me, get feedback, and ask questions. This course builds more than resumes. It builds confident careers. 

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