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New to the job search? Looking to break into the gaming industry? I can help!


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Find the right plan for you!

Build a Resume: Meet with Me!

Don’t know where to start? I can help you craft your resume from scratch! My resume writing plan with personalized coaching will help you craft a winning resume. 

These sessions are designed to help you build the skills to craft a winning resume on your own! In personalized coaching sessions, I will read through your resume and ask your about your goals and background before we meet. In our session, I will go over grammar edits, formatting suggestions, and personalized feedback. Sessions are one hour each.

One session: $150

Two sessions: $300

Three sessions: $450

Four sessions: $600

Writing, Branding, and Portfolio Coaching

Looking to improve your creative writing, create a presence online with your own personal brand, or refine your narrative design portfolio? These one-on-one sessions are designed to give your the skills you need to break into the writing and gaming industry. Branding skills also apply to other fields. 

Note: I provide coaching and editing on writing excerpts— NOT FULL NOVELS. This is a coaching service, not a full editing service. I can provide feedback on portfolio pieces, advice on how to structure portfolios, overarching help on story structure, proofreading, editing, and copyediting. I specialize in fiction and game writing. 

One session: $150

Two sessions: $300

Three sessions: $450

Four sessions: $600

Mix n' Match

Looking for something more customized? Mix and match sessions with me to suit your specified career needs!
Pricing varies based on services requested.

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Personalized Coaching: Testimonials

“Zoe has been an incredible source for narrative mentorship for me. Her keen understanding of narrative design lends itself to invaluable tutorship, and she is always elated to facilitate your creative growth. Her critical eye and thoughtful feedback helped prepare me for my first narrative position, and I wouldn’t have half the confidence I do in my work without her help!”

Brandon Suzuki, Contract Narrative Designer at Squid Games

Have the skills, and just want some guidance?

Download my FREE six-step Resume & Cover Letter Cheat Sheet below! 

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