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Game Dev Career Courses

Do more than create games. Create yourself.

Build the skills you need to get hired at your dream studio. 

Level Up! Game Dev courses are a fully remote, self-paced programs designed to teach you the skills needed to create a winning resume, cover letter, and portfolio in the video game industry. 

Level Up!:Narrative Designer Job Readiness

This course teaches you how to approach the job hunt for narrative design positions in the gaming industry. In this course, you’ll learn how to build a portfolio and personal website from scratch, as well as prepare for interviews through narrative design tests designed from real tests used at Bungie, Bethesda, ZeniMax, GearBox, Insomniac, Riot, and others. 

Alumni of these programs have gone on to work at Playstation, ZeniMax, Bethesda, Obsidian, and Squid Games, Tandemi, and have landed six-figure salaries in their desired fields. 

Come join us!

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Hi, I'm your coach, Zoe!

While I'm a professional narrative designer now, I didn't start out that way. In fact, if anyone should have failed at becoming a game dev, it was me. I had no game degree. No internships. No connections.

"How the hell are you going to break into the gaming industry with a Medieval Studies degree?" 

I got that question a lot. Friends, family, professors, career counsellors... you name it. No one else saw a path toward my dream career. I did. I had spent years fine-tuning my skills and developing a formula for the perfect resume - every time. It worked for my undergrad, my master's, and even a Fulbright grant. 

Six months after I graduated, I landed a role as a narrative designer at a AAA game studio with that same formula. I've worked on a variety of games, including BAFTA narrative & Nebula nominee Pentiment.

Now I invite you to learn that same formula and revolutionize the way you approach breaking into the industry. 

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“Three reasons why you should have Zoe be your resume and portfolio coach (regardless of whether or not you’re a new grad looking to get into games or a senior narrative designer with oodles of experience under your belt):

 1) Zoe knows her stuff. There are a lot of career coaches out there but Zoe is one of a kind because not only is she part of the gaming industry (and works for Obsidian Entertainment, so she’s got the credentials) but she also came from a background that had nothing to do with gaming and knows what it’s like to start from the slush pile. 

2) Zoe knows her stuff AND knows how to explain her stuff. When you work with Zoe, you’re not just mindlessly building a resume or website, you’re working with her to develop critical resume skills that you will always have in your back pocket for the future. Not only that, but she will work with you to build and maintain your personal brand as a game designer. Don’t have a personal brand? Don’t worry, she will help you find patterns in your work to help you build one. 

3) Zoe will be your number one cheerleader. Since she’s all about giving you the necessary skills to succeed, you can bet that Zoe will always have your best interest in mind. She is someone who has the skills, heart, and genuine desire to change the gaming industry by opening doors of opportunity for those who are willing to take that first step forward.”

Shara Tran
Level Up! & Narrative Department Student
Currently working at Tandemi

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"Working with Zoe has felt like one of the best decisions of my early career. Period. My resume and portfolio are stronger than they were before I worked with her by orders of magnitude. Zoe strikes an incredible balance between letting you know about the often strange and not-always-intuitive ways that the industry asks you to act, but also in helping you to define your own unique voice and brand. I feel more familiar both with what people are looking to buy, but also with exactly what it is that I'm selling. Breaking into the industry is hard enough, and Zoe helped me feel like I'm better equipped to do it. What else could you possibly want?"

Ben Heller

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