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The Maniculum Podcast

Join two grad students as they explore the threads of some of our literary heritage-- through the most obscure and strangest medieval texts they can find! Each episode, we explore new aspects of the medieval world through the eyes of different medieval writers.

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The Dave Stieren Show

107.3 KFQD

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Game Writing Podcast



RPG & Tabletop Gaming Podcast


Interview with Maris Crane

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International Conference of Medieval Studies

[Upcoming] Podcasting Premodernity Panelist

Maniculum Podcast, Spring 2023

Coding Medieval Worlds 3

"What Lies Beneath: How Pentiment Writes (and Rewrites) History"

Keynote Speaker, February 2023

Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference

“Puzzle Theory: The Successful Puzzle Narrative in Detective Fiction & Gaming”

Purdue University, Spring 2019
Kneale Award for Film & Pop Culture
Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference Award, Second Place

Comitatus Premodern Graduate Symposium

“The Realm of the Magical in the Islendinga Sögur”

Purdue University, Spring 2018

Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference

"The Moral Center of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings"

Purdue University, Spring 2019

Comitatus Premodern Graduate Symposium

“The Present Importance of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings”

Purdue University, Spring 2019

Early Atlantic Reading Group Graduate Symposium

“Utopia Created, Dystopia Destroyed: The Failed Pirate Republic of Libertalia”

Purdue University, Spring 2018

Queens and Empresses in Early Modern Europe Symposium

“Isabella d’Este & Consumer Culture: Promoting Prestige through Shopping”

Purdue University, Spring 2019
Project Leader

Seattle University Spring Philosophy Conference

“The Happiness Question: Perspectives from Aristotle, Boethius, and Augustine”

Seattle University, Spring 2016

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