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Project Himalayas

Project Himalayas: Welcome

About the Podcast

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    Rowan Carson, a university student in need of a summer job, filed an application to work with an volunteer association in Tibet. Upon taking the wrong bus, however, Carson met the contact expecting a different intern— for a hidden archaeology military mission in the peaks of the mountains. Now Carson is a member of a classified project, wondering: just what is Project Himalayas really, and what are its members hiding?

Project Himalayas: About Me

Production Team


Zoe Franznick

Producer, Director, Writer, Voice Actor

Hailing from small-town Alaska, Zoe took her love of myth, magic, and adventure on the road to find some quests of her very own. Between flying planes, SCUBA-diving, delving among medieval manuscripts, and international collegiate fencing, Zoe spends her time developing tales to share with others. Inspired by her love of gaming and adventure, she teamed up with folks she’d met all around the globe to make Project Himalayas come to life.


Christian Kondor

Assistant Producer, Composer, Voice Actor

Not all those who wander are lost, but Christian makes a habit of it anyway. Among other things, he’s done graduate-level math research, climbed one mountain he meant to along with several of the wrong ones by accident, joined an NCAA cross country team to run away from his problems, written a book and a half, edited a magazine, and composed and voice-acted for Project Himalayas. He has no idea what he’s doing, and you can’t stop him.


Peter Maher

Sound Designer

Born and bred in Dublin, Ireland, Peter never had to venture far to get lost in history. Living in a small country town littered with Norman tower-houses and celtic fairy-rings, his childhood games were filled with tales of invasion and shadowy rituals. Peter was able to avoid growing up by becoming a historian, where he specializes in medieval culture and worldviews.


Charles Franznick

Voice Actor, Linguistic Specialist

A National Merit scholar and all around language nerd, Charlie specializes in neurolinguistic research and has four years of Mandarin language, including time spent in China and Taiwan. When not in the lab, Charlie spends his time training for intercollegiate fencing tournaments.


Katriel Sahlstrom


A life-long creative, Katriel's passion for photography is only outmatched by her passion for dance and her skill in the sciences.

Project Himalayas: Team Members
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